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Forum Structure

1. News & Info:

All news and info conerning the forum will be posted here.

Other news of info about the site will be posten in the Blog Roll.


2.  General:

General chat about jeans/ pants/Shorts.  All other topics/posts must go into "Off-Topic".

Requests can me made here. This can be a video or photo or something specific. All request must be about the proper subject(jeans/pants/shorts)

Support forum is for anyone haven trouble, reporting a bug, etc.


3. Pictures(Only Pictures!)

General Pictures, that have NOT a subforum can go here.(example, photoshoots)

OOTD/OOTD only pictures here.

Celebrities photos here(street photos only!)

Tv / Movies pictures can go here. (Minimal quality is 720p!)

WAM Pictures can be posted here.(Please post only public(Sample) photos if youre not the owner!)


4. Videos

All General Jeans/Pants/Shorts Videos can be posted here.(example street videos)

All WAM videos here.

Music Videos containing sexy jeans/pants/shorts.

Choreography Videos containing sexy jeans/pants/shorts.


5. [18+] Section

(This section is closed for now!)