Update April 14

Because of the limited space i have, there will be some minor changes.

All new post now contains 10+ images.

This will be changed to a limit at max 6 images.

Therefore there will be alot less images on the site.

I’m hoping to compensate this, by uploading the other images to my Flickr account, so there will be still a total of 10+ images for a post.


Also the site will be changing. As the “new” images will not be at full-size anymore(1920×1080), i am gonna look for another theme that will look better with the new changes.

By editing the new images, it will also save space.


As for the older post, i will have to delete some images from then also(not whole post).

I will be beginning with this starting next week.

After i have deleted the most images new updates will be coming regular again.

So if you have some favorite images, download them now before they are gone.



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